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Okay, we know that the fact that they're called 'stash' tins and the fact that many of the images on the tins are of marijuana leaves and mushrooms imply that storing naughty stuff is the only thing these are for. But of course a small tin can be used for anything.

Aside from the cannabis related ones there's plenty of really cool images for music lovers including Iggy Popp, Blondie, AC/DC, Dead Kennedys and Bob Marley, plus some more generic ones like peace signs.

I myself keep butterfly clips in my Bowie, a certain 2kcal mint in my Ankh and coffee money in Marilyn.

And guess what! They make that really satisfying 'pop/snap'...

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New Blacklight Posters add depth to the range.

We have been singing the praises of blacklight posters for some time and with the addtion of some amazing new images we can also take this product way beyond the cannabis culture they have long been associated with.  

Images of dragons, fairies, flamingoes, dreamy landscapes, tropical fish, surfers, peace signs and aliens are now widening the appeal.

A blacklight poster is printed with inks which flouresce under a blacklight. The inks contain phosphors which cause them to glow when exposed to the ultraviolet light emitted from black light bulbs. Originating from the...

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BAND PATCHES - metal music, rock music

We've been asked a few times if we can get band patches and finally we can tell you 'yes'!. With a brand new supplier comes a brand new range of rock and metal patches, both embroidered and woven. Now we're starting cautiously to begin with and only have limited quantites available, but if this interests you give us a bell and we can look at indenting more for you on the next order. 

Browse and buy them here: PATCHES