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Grease (sale)


Maxi Poster 61×91.5cm

This poster was received from the publisher with creasing in the right hand border and a crease about 1inch long on the right side of the image (in Travolta’s T-Shirt). Most will still enjoy the poster regardless of the damage, but it is not pristine therefore on sale.


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This poster is a quality paper image designed to be displayed on a wall. This item is a regular sized poster known as a Maxi Poster and is approx. 61×91.5cm. (The size of some items may vary slightly due to the age and/or the publisher of the image, but most are 61×91.5cm. If your poster has to be an exact size then please contact us for the measurement before committing to buy).

The item(s) will be dispatched in a suitable tube (rolled not folded).

Maxi Posters can also be purchased laminated, blockmounted or framed.

Any queries don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to being your next favourite online store. Thanks for stopping by.

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