Vampire Smarts Trivia Card Game

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Vampire Smarts Trivia Card Game


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What would happen if your neck was nibbled by a tall, dark and toothy stranger? How might you repel a particularly malevolent vampire? What’s the best way to attract the vamp of your dreams? Sink your teeth into this game and unearth all the delectable vampire details you crave. Caution: ingesting all this vampiric knowledge may transform you into a tempting treat for your neighbourhood vampire. Consider keeping a few heads of garlic on hand, just in case.
  • How to become a vampire, how to ward off vampires, and how to destroy one!
  • Vampires in movies, books, TV shows and more!
  • Fascinating facts about vampires.
  • Vampires around the world! Find out where in the world vampires have appeared…is your town next?
100 question and answer cards. 16 page vampire tips guide. Score pad.

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