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Home Grown Large Stash Tin


Large Stash Tin 11x8x2.7cm

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Elevate your discrete storage game with this HOME GROWN Large Stash Tin from our CANNBIS CULTURE range. It’s the ultimate reusable container for all your essentials! Measuring a compact 11cm by 8cm by 2.7cm this tin is designed to be both functional and a fashion statement.

No matter what you choose to stash inside – whether it’s herbs, small accessories, or any other personal items – our tin has got you covered with its airtight and waterproof seal. The snap-tight lid ensures that your belongings stay fresh and protected, providing peace of mind wherever your trips take you.

But what truly sets our stash tins apart are the designs. From iconic Cheech and Chong artwork to the vibrant creations of artists like Dean Russo, there’s a style to suit every taste. It’s not just a storage container, it’s a statement piece that reflects your unique personality.

So, get your hands on this unique HOME GROWN Large Stash Tin now. Your secrets deserve the best!

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